Whether you are working on a new project or just renovating, this will be the year to express and show your roots in new interior materials, colors and patterns selections. While todays trends are lasting more than ever due to economical reasons; people still find a way to uplift their spaces and enjoy living in them!

In my opinion, 2019 is all about culturizing your space and making it look more like you. Due to the global growing interest in exploring and reconnecting with the roots; I noticed that while people are adapting to the globalization and modern life style they’re also trying to develop their personal cultural fusion of what makes their project stand out. 

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The tendency to enrich the final users experience by connecting the projects culturally on many levels with the owner/user identity is becoming a constant demand by the market. This trend was caused by the increasing amount of people living abroad and starting new projects which they feel that it should be present in their native country.


Customer’s desires will definitely impact the market in several ways, floors tiling as an example; customers will continue focusing on raw and natural materials texture, such as the realistic types of stone like marble, limestone, travertine, etc. In addition to new combinations of several materials and colors that shall be highlighted in the interior design field such as concert floors combined with customized molded tiles. Resin floors are building its reputation for an artistic and colorful finish with good durability which allows us to increase our specialized input of that desired cultural dose fitted into the design spirit. On the other side, patterns play a huge role in every culture around the world.

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In 2019, I believe that the demand on the traditional patterns intromission will increase and the way to implement and meet such demand is by focusing more on the laser printed ceramic tiles and 3D-gypsum wall panels; as they are considered to be the shortest and easiest paths to reach that customized and minimal look. Another trend that shall continue to grow is the demand on bigger floor and wall tiles, in addition to less/zero joints as people feel that this method vibes with elegancy and modernism; while incorporating few tiles with a cultural identity here and there to emphasize that personal touch.


It’s about time to go bolder and use strong statement colors for this year such as textured orange, shades of green and loads of blues with a mix of other cooler tones such as salted caramel to stabilize the space visually, but keep its flow with that inherited dosage of culture and patterns that you feel represent your identity at its best.

It’s the year where trends are made not just for the look but for your comfort as well, aiming for a personalized look doesn’t mean that it can’t be integrated with an industrial design elements and techniques such as metal and exposed fixtures. Make sure to pick what suits the best, the tiles you chose or the paint you like to reduce the future renovation cost on the long run.

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After all, it’s noticeable that the market is moving towards a more minimal approach, adding few elements to represent your identity in your space is what makes it unrivaled and unique especially if you are living abroad. Try to keep it simple and twist it for your convenience.

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