• Founded by Naimi Nadjib in 2016, Hydro France aims to build awareness around marble granulate as a secure and durable flooring material

• As pioneers of marble aggregate in France, Hydro France is the first to introduce marble granulate to the Middle East flooring industry

• Hydro France will be launching their brand new product, Terasse, at the September 2019 edition of SURFACE Design Middle East

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We sat down with Naimi, Commercial Director of Hydro France to find out why they selected the UAE as the first country to promote Hydro France in, outside of Europe.

According to Naimi, the country is a strategic gateway that opens the door to the rest of the Middle Eastern countries, making it easier for businesses to import and export furniture products. With both the construction and tourism industries growing within the region, the UAE is now a commercial hub for international brands to setup business.

Naimi’s vision for the year is to introduce marble granulate to the UAE using SURFACE Design Middle East as a platform to meet surface specifiers and buyers. He wants to build awareness around marble granulate, having observed a need and demand for Hydro France’s unique products.

Naimi explained that marble granulate is very durable, especially in this region’s climate, as it contains 40% air and maintains a constant temperature, making it weather resistant. Unlike other types of flooring, the properties of marble granulate ensure that a surface is always dry, offers good walking comfort and requires little to no effort to keep clean.


With competition within the flooring market increasing on a daily basis, Naimi feels that 2019 is a year in which customer dynamics are evolving which presents a challenge for the flooring industry worldwide.

In an age where information is widely available at the click of a button, it is no longer the case that a customer has a limited number of suppliers to work with. Customers have access to multiple alternatives and are trying to get the best, ‘bang for their buck’.

Clients are increasingly well-informed about the quality, competitive pricing, type and durability of flooring products and are demanding superior quality products at affordable prices.

This is one of the reasons why Naimi strongly feels that 2019 should be the year when the flooring industry should be taking risks. He says, “risks should be taken every year, if not then businesses do not evolve.” He added that although competition will always exist within the surface market, he has not seen the same pattern emerge on marble granulate. 

This is primarily because marble granulate contains technical properties that are not widely seen in other flooring materials, and all of Hydro France’s products carry certifications which competitors do not have.


When asked future trends Naimi’s observation is that clients are becoming more environmentally conscious of their material consumption and are more interested in ecological products – and he feels this will continue to grow. A trend he has noticed recently is the creation of contemporary spaces using clean materials that are sophisticated but comfortable.

Hydro France will be exhibiting at SURFACE Design Middle East from 17 – 19 September at Dubai World Trade Centre. Naimi will be manning the stand to explain the different benefits, unique properties and uses for marble granulate, which will be on display and perhaps most exciting of all, the international launch of their brand new Terasse flooring material will take place on the show floor and visitors at the exhibition will be the first to see it.

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