A wife, mom, daughter, a student and a blogger, life for Anabia nowadays is focused around compartmentalizing her time around these roles. Having undertaken a couple of design proposal projects as part of her degree, she has conditioned herself to pick up design inspiration from her surroundings at any point in time.

She looks at her interaction with any interior design space as more of a ‘conversation’ between the two people – the particular era, or the overall feel or vibe being communicated, which is particularly significant in light of current trends such as personalizing, storytelling, the nostalgic and the familiar.

Also, her academic training has taught her not to restrict herself to “A” particular interior design style and how to tap into the client’s world while at the same time keeping abreast of all the latest industry trends and developments.

In her spare time, she enjoys blogging as a humble attempt on her part to try and reach out to fellow design enthusiasts - whether as a profession, academic discipline, hobby, zeal or passion. She is also working on a small artsy decoupage collection and feels it’s a great source of rejuvenation and a way to unwind.

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